Leonardo Zorzi is a Brazilian photographer, filmmaker, composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer based in Stoke-on-Trent, UK. He began his musical career at the age of eleven, playing violin in a non-profit program offered by the government of his city in São Paulo, Brazil. As a self-taught student, he learned to play guitar, bass, and drums. He later went on to formally study classical guitar, violin, orchestration, music theory, and harmony.


Before cultivating his interest in orchestral composition and music production, Leonardo had a rock and roll calendar that featured frequent gigs with two different bands, as well as participation in music festivals and competitions. Leonardo was the lead guitarist and vocalist in the band "Quinta Aurora", who recorded their first music video in São Paulo, Brazil. He was the songwriter, photography director, writer, and producer.


In 2019, Leonardo moved to London to pursue a career scoring music for films and filmmaking. He is also a member of the Performing Right Society (PRS). In 2017, Leonardo's first feature film came from CEUNSP graduate Bruna Fracascio. Leonardo composed the score to the critically acclaimed short film, "Diga ao Meu Pai Que Estou Bem". In 2018, he scored two additional short films: "Bem, Te Quero" and "Acorde", a film that earned him his first award for "Best Soundtrack". That same year, Leonardo also created music for many video games, bands, and singers.


Leonardo's musical universe does not stop at the borders of Brazil and the United Kingdom. Thanks to the Internet, Leonardo has collaborated with people from more than 25 countries. He has been involved in countless different projects, including big symphonic orchestras and independent artists.